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Important Dates Livestock Exhibitors

Mid-March - Online Registration opens 

*4-H or FFA membership & record books are again required for the 2023 YVFR

March 25th - Beef tag pick up from 8am-11am at the fairgrounds

      *No animals hauled in, but photos with both ear tags visible need to be submitted within 1 week of tag pick up

June 9th - Registration closes for large animals 

June 10th - Sheep, Swine & Goat tag pick up from 8 am - noon at the fairgrounds

      *No animals hauled in, but clear, identifiable photos need to be emailed to within 1 week of tag pick up

June 30th- Registration closes for small animals & RV Parking 


RV Parking Time 8-10 am & 5-7 pm

Mandatory Exhibitor Work Night & Meeting 5:00



Livestock weigh-in 



Fair Opens!

Livestock Market Classification

Beef Show

Open Class Barn Open



Livestock Showmanship

Dairy Show

Round Robin Championship



9am Livestock Sale

Car Show

PRCA Rodeo 7:30PM



Livestock Judging

Pee Wee Showmanship

Livestock Awards

PRCA Rodeo 7:30PM

Zach Top Concert After Rodeo

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