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Please note - each exhibitor will have at least three entries:

  • market class (or classes if multiple animals)

  • fitting and showing (for each species) 

  • one record book entry

YVFR Registration FAQ


If I have two market animals of the same species do I pay one entry fee and register once?

Each individual market animal requires a separate registration entry. Meaning, if you have two market animals, you will add two market entries during registration and receive a registration confirmation email that includes two market entries as well as your fitting and showing entry for each species represented.


My club/chapter/group isn’t on the drop down list to select from, why not?


Our list of clubs is created based on what club leaders send us. If your club does not appear, it means that it’s either a new club or exhibitors from the club have not shown at YVFR since we started using this registration system. To be added to the list, please email with the following information: Club Name, Leader Name, Club Mailing Address, Club Email, Leader Contact Phone Number. You will be emailed a confirmation that it has been added to the system at which point exhibitors in the club can complete registration and select their club.


Why was my entry/exhibitor “rejected”?


The most common reasons for an entry to be sent back to your email as “rejected” instead of “accepted” are forgotten information or incomplete entries. Each “rejected” entry should include a note about how to fix this based on the individual problem. Common problems include an exhibitor submitted but no entries included, failure to register for Fitting & Showing or record book. Entries may be “rejected” if it is a duplicate entry – most commonly registering for Fitting & Showing twice in the same species.


How do I know if my registration was correct and actually submitted?


You will receive an email confirmation once we have approved your registration. It will include what was submitted, rejected, and accepted. This email is the best document to check! The other way to check that registration was processed is by looking at the payment method you used to register. If it was charged the entry fees/additional passes you registered for, then we received and approved your entries.


I already submitted my livestock animals in registration but now I want to add Home Ec/still life entries. How do I do this?


You can add additional entries, including creating a new exhibitor for a parent/guardian or sibling who lives at the same address, by logging back in to your FairEntry account and submitting the additional entries.

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